25 May, 2011

Working for EIF: Jo Michel, Ticket Services Manager

Can you give a brief overview of your role at EIF?
I am the Ticket Services Manager at Hub Tickets which looks after all the ticketing requirements for the Edinburgh International Festival as well as other festivals and events throughout the year.

How long have you worked for the Festival?
I joined the Festival team in June 2008, so 2011 will be my fourth International Festival.

What are the best and most challenging parts of your job?
I love the variety in what I do. I work with all the different departments within EIF to co-ordinate their needs, but I also get to deal directly with many of the performing companies to look after their ticketing. I never know what each day will bring.

What do you do on a day to day basis?
Most days it’s a mix of making sure the ticketing staff have information on all the events on sale, speaking to festival and event organisers, building event information into the ticketing system, checking online and phone sales are correct and of course reporting on sales figures.

What did you do before joining the Festival?
I’ve been involved in ticketing for many years, mostly in Australia. I have worked with Sydney Theatre Company and other smaller theatre companies, large scale ticketing agencies, the Adelaide Fringe and other festivals.

What do you get up to outside of work?
I enjoy seeing films and theatre so tend to try and see something each week.

Which events are you most looking forward to at the Festival 2011?
One Thousand and One Nights, Chanticleer, Re-Triptych and The Peony Pavilion.

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