09 August, 2011

8 is the Magic Number!

By Emma Caldwell

The number 8 has been important in many cultures throughout history, but particularly in Asia. The Chinese believe it to be lucky because it sounds similar to their word for ‘wealth’ or ‘prosper’, and Chinese businessmen are known to request hotel rooms with 8 in the room number. There are 8 immortal deities celebrated by Taoists and these frequently appear in Chinese art and popular culture. In ancient Japan the number 8 was regarded as holy, and Buddhists follow the Eightfold path to enlightenment believing this to be the way to achieve self-awakening.

At this year’s Edinburgh International Festival the number 8 is taking on a special significance, as those aged 26 or under are being offered the chance to attend Festival performances for just £8. As part of an ongoing commitment to make the Festival accessible and affordable to younger people, tickets for selected productions will be available to purchase at The Hub and venue box offices for only £8 on the day of performance. This means you could indulge in world-class theatre, music, opera and dance for less than the cost of a round of drinks!

£8 performances will be listed online every day from 13 August – 3 September, so make checking eif.co.uk/8 part of your daily routine. To make sure you don’t miss out, follow the Festival on Facebook and Twitter to receive the latest offer updates, and keep an eye out for the EIF Street Team who will be distributing posters and flyers with a special QR code around the city. Scan the code to get the most recent offers direct to your smartphone.

Make 8 your lucky number this year and get the most out of Edinburgh International Festival 2011.

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