30 August, 2010

The Aussies are coming

To celebrate Opera Australia's premiere of Bliss coming to the Edinburgh International Festival, a number of inflatable kangaroos are taking up home in unusual locations across Edinburgh from today, Monday 30 August. All you have to do is find them and hop them up to The Hub in order to win two free tickets.

We caught up with Kangaroos Scott and Charlene as they arrived in Edinburgh...

Scott: "G’Day Skippy, what shall we see at the Festival tonight?"
Charlene: "I don’t know Sport, there’s just too much bizzo to choose from. Let’s go to the Hub to figure it out"

Charlene: "Crikey mate, this cuppa’s a corker!"
Scott: "Too right mate, beats the billabong any day"

Charlene: "Why don’t we see something from Down Under?"
Scott: "Well let’s take a sticky-beak at the programme"

Scott: "How about the opera Bliss?"
Charlene: "Strewth! That’s a true blue bonza idea!"

You can get clues of the Kangaroos locations by keeping an eye on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

Find out more about Bliss here.

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