04 August, 2010

Bank of Scotland Fireworks Concert Co-ordinator, Lynsey Shovlin, reveals all about being the bright spark behind the event...

Obsessed with glitter, glam and sparkle the position of project co-ordinator for the Bank of Scotland Fireworks Concert definitely appealed to me. Since June, I have been interning with the Edinburgh International Festival and working with our dedicated team to bring you what will be a spectacular live concert performed by the Scottish Chamber Orchestra including a choreographed pyrotechnic display.

I work closely with many different people on a daily basis and enjoy the variety of tasks which I perform each day. For example; contributing to press releases (and coming up with cheesy firework puns) promoting our #BOSfireworks Twitter hash tag and updating the event website with the newest information.

One of my main duties is to get answers from stakeholders involved with the concert and communicate information effectively to the partners of the event; Bank of Scotland (BOS), Scottish Chamber Orchestra (SCO) and Edinburgh International Festival. This is important because a centralised point of contact prevents duplicate conversations and misunderstandings for the many people involved - which helps when we have a deadline of 5th September!

Most recently my main tasks have been organising interviews with those at the forefront of the fireworks concert action - Jonathan Mills (Festival Director), Rod Bain (SCO Concert Manager) and Keith Webb (firework display designer of Pyrovision). They are available to listen to here.

I am also responsible for the production of the printed programme for the evening including its contents, design and distribution. With an audience of over 220,000 people last year, it is perhaps the most wanted leaflet throughout the Edinburgh Festivals!

For me personally, the Bank of Scotland Fireworks Concert is a marvellous celebration of cultural diversity, Edinburgh and its people. As the world’s largest annual live music and fireworks display, over 100,000 fireworks are ignited which illuminate the night sky and for me personally there will be a lot of satisfaction when all our efforts go up in smoke albeit loud and colourful!

To find out more about the Bank of Scotland Fireworks Concert go here.

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