20 August, 2008

Cross Cultural Exchanges

Scotland can now boast one more Irn Bru addict as one of our South African colleagues today joined the flock after just one sip (or 'sup' as she would say) of the good stuff. During an innocent conversation of the staff kitchen variety it was recently revealed to some long time converts that our dear press tickets coordinator had never tasted the golden nectar. Obviously a can was swiftly organised, and with anticipation it was presented.

Worried glances were exchanged. Did she like it? Did she want the bucket? Who knew?!
Then a smile.

Naturally, she loved it! And immediately identified it as a potential hangover cure - a fact that took us years to work out. Why stop when you're on a roll though? so...we're thinking buckfast tomorrow. This is not a hint for ticket hungry hacks by the way although she says you are welcome to try.


Another cross cultural exchange happened in the EIF press office just minutes later (what a day!) when our lovely Polish pictures editor exclaimed 'Hey guys, look, I'm eating a haggis!'
After thoroughly enjoying her roll'n'haggis we decided to break the bad news i.e. haggis content. However she was already well aware of the facts and we now suspect this may be what led to her dinner of choice as she went on to tell us about some Polish home favourites: brains and kaszanka (google it). Ah well....just another day of cultural learnings.

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