13 August, 2008

NEWSFLASH - EIF Team Storm Through Sunday Post Quiz

Four humble members of EIF staff have just raised the bar for staff quiz teams everywhere after storming their way through The Sunday Post's weekly quiz. As an added bonus they also raised an admirable amount of money for chosen charity Barnardos (who played a significant part in realising the production of 365 - opens on Friday 22 Aug at The Edinburgh Playhouse).

After romping their way through the initial high brow questions on such topics as Great Britons, Olympic Games flag colourings, famous Greek battlehorses and Wham! lyrics, it became clear that earlier (rebuffed) bribes of chocolate cake and money were not necessary for this band of closet quiz buffs. An impressive run of quickfire answers was halted momentarily by uncertainty over a water-based Robert Burns question (yes, that ol' chestnut) however keen to meet their next obstacles with the same vigour garnered by their earlier success, a tactical team decision was taken: they would return to the tricky conundrum at the end.
This proved to be the right choice for the eager quizmeisters and a further run of successful retorts ensured a very respectable score was reached - no mean feat as regular Sunday Post readers will know (for official scores you'll have to wait till Sunday).
With the pressure off, the team returned to the Burns song question which, no matter how wildly they guessed, ultimately left them in somewhat of a pickle. And in a pickle they remained (it was Afton Water by the way) before happily embracing the achievement of their past gains. With proud grins and a new found sense of triumph they returned to their respective desks. Read all about it in this week's Sunday Post folks.

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