19 August, 2008

Captain Overlord Arrives

Edinburgh received it's first performance of Captain Overlord's Folly or The Fool's Revenge yesterday amid a flurry of press hype and speculation. After turning many head's in previous fringe performances the company were last year awarded the inaugral Edinburgh International Festival Award. The event which took place in The Hub was a combined workshop and show created specially for the Behind the Scenes series. Roughly, the plot saw a 19th century play hijacked by a gang of evil clowns who are then driven from the stage by a trio of theatre critics and academics. To hear the show's creators Nancy Walsh and John Clancy of New York based John Clancy Productions talk about this performance, click here.

Click here to read an article in The Scotsman titled 'Keeping the Show on the Road', interviewing the pair about bringing this show to Edinburgh.

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