24 August, 2008

Gonnae No Dae That!

There were a few unimpressed ladies at the opening night of 365 who were left rather confused by an unexplained order from two members of the public. They were told to wait outside the ladies toilets despite there being plenty of free cubicles. Patiently they waited to see what the reason for their inconvenience was. And waited. Then an unmistaskable cheeky grin belonging to a well known Scottish (male) comedian appeared. 'Apologies Ladies' he bellowed and then the trio (the two members of the public must have been minders!) left leaving the ladies scratching their heads in bemusement.

On a serious note, the play was received very well by the critics being awarded four stars by The Scotsman and The Herald. See post below for a more detailed analysis of the critics’ response. Festival Insider was there to speak to audience members after the opening night finished. To listen to what they had to say click here.

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