26 August, 2008

They Like!

It may be the last week of the Festival (awwww) but the reviews are still pouring in. Matthew Bourne's Dorian Gray and Król Roger have proved to be hits amongst the critics as two more fours stars reviews and one five star were published today. Król Roger was awarded four stars in The Herald with Michael Tumelty calling it a 'musical masterpiece'.
He writes: 'The performance, conducted by Gergiev at his molten best, is pulsatingly atmospheric and erotic...A phenomenal piece, played to the hilt by this great company.'

Dorian Gray also received five stars from The Metro and four stars from The Independent.
In The Metro it says: 'Performed by an outstanding cast...The only question is how can Bourne possibly top this.'
Zoe Anderson of The Independent writes: 'In a brilliantly creepy moment, Dorian takes his double's hand, resigned and almost tender...Although Bourne is a deft storyteller...his gift is for showing character through movement...The cast are terrific.'
For tickets to Dorian Gray click here.
For tickets to Król Roger click here.

Check out the video below for a just released preview of Matthew Bourne's Dorian Gray.

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