13 August, 2008

Dudamel charms the press pack

Gustavo Dudamel, the fiery, passionate and animated young conductor of the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra effortlessly charmed the assembled press pack at the Usher Hall yesterday. The 27 year old's love of and utter devotion to his work was immediately obvious as he began to talk about his chosen career and the path that led him to it. To listen to the press conference click here.

The orchestra, with Dudamel at the helm, then undertook rehearsals (see picture below) in the hours before the show to perfect their performances. Reports filtering back to the press office from attendees suggest the audience were so enthusiastic in their appreciation of the show that raucous applause, cheering and sporadic standing ovations were witnessed in the stalls. Anyone would think it was a ceilidh!

Unfortunately for Edinburgh fans the sold out performance was for one night only and Gustavo Dudamel, with orchestra in tow, was whisked off to London for their next performance at the Royal Albert Halls.

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